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Texoma's Sassy (UKC)

Sassy Dec 2011

Sassy July 2012

Sassy - our newest addition from Giselle and Buckly.  Born in 2011.


Texoma's Giselle (UKC)


1)  Let's play football;  2) Too much boating at the lake; 3) Rafting

Giselle is the princess.  As you can see, she only sits in 'proper' form.  She is also very demanding for attention.  She expects to get in your lap and put her head against your cheek so you can give petting her your full attention.

Texoma's Xena (UKC)

Xena is now retired from service and living a life of luxury.


1) Baby Xena;  2) On her thrown;  3) Giving directions

Xena is a real sweetie and has been with us the longest.  She is a great mother and has fantastic puppies. She is a blank/tan and has chocolate and blue in her lineage.  She is extremely smart and a very good communicator.  She lets you know her wishes very clearly.  Or maybe, just very spoiled.
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