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About Rat Terriers

Rat Terriers get their name from their past profession, killing rats. They are an American breed developed by mixing a number of breeds together. Beagle for the scenting ability, Italian greyhound for some speed and bull terrier for grit. I'm sure there were other things thrown in the pot for good measure but you get the idea. The result was a great little dog who is smart and a blast to have around.

As you get to know people who have a rat terrier you may notice a trend, folks don't stop at one. I think this is due to their nature. They are super!


Rat terriers have a short tight coat that is easy to care for and requires little grooming. With proper nutrition they do not shed much at all.

Their erect ears are not prone to infection as some other breeds. They tend to stay cleaner and have less odor than most other dogs.  They also seem to love to have baths.


We breed toy and miniature rat terriers and I guess it goes without saying that our dogs are generally smaller, 10-20 pounds.


A rat terriers personality is sweet and friendly although they do have a protective side. The grow very fond of family members and are suspicious of strangers. They make great watch dogs because they are very alert.

Rat terriers are great with kids. They are gentle as puppies but frisky and a bunch of fun. I never have the problem of them mouthing on me or my kids, which is great. I had problems with other breeds of pups being too rough with kids. Rat terriers aren't that way at all.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me and I will do my best to answer your questions.

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